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Let’s instill a love of learning in your child, starting today, by enrolling in Educational Therapy.

Is Your Child Struggling?

A few areas of difficulty can have a devastating effect on your child’s ability to learn, making the education process a frustrating experience. Does your child struggle in any of these areas?
  •  Difficulty with reading or math
  •  Poor spelling
  •  Illegible handwriting
  •  Trouble expressing thoughts
  •  Organizational / memory weakness

If you answered yes to one or more, your child may benefit from NILD Educational Therapy. Contact me today to book a consultation to discuss the struggles your child is having.

Educational Therapy Can Help Your Child…

Think More Clearly

Thinking and learning are connected. Using our researched techniques, we are developing these ‘thinking pathways’.

Improve Test Scores

NILD Canada’s latest research and our own experience has shown that once these connections are made, academic skills (reading, writing, spelling and math) are improved.

Learn How to Learn

Our therapy is not tutoring; rather, we help strengthen weak areas so students can be independent learners for life!


Our boys have struggled personally and academically with learning disabilities.  The traditional way of learning at school was affecting their self-confidence, leaving them both feeling overwhelmed and often defeated with poor self-esteem.  MET went back to the roots of learning, giving them strategies to overcome challenges. Robin is a passionate and engaging educator who has developed a special bond and connection with each of our boys which has always been an important piece to their success in learning.  This opportunity has not only benefitted our boys academically, but it has also had a positive impact on our family life at home.


Julie – Parent

My 11-year-old son has been working with Robin for about a year and a half.  When he started Therapy he had a hard time reading anything. He didn’t even want to try. He has worked hard with his Therapy and now he has so much more confidence! He has even read aloud to his class at school. It has changed his life. I cannot say enough good things about Muskoka Educational Therapy.  Thanks, Robin! 

Theresa B. – Parent

It is most satisfying for me to have an opportunity to endorse the work of NILD and the help they have provided for countless children. Since its founding, NILD’s methods and philosophy have mirrored solid findings about brain development and the complex process we call learning. While others have jumped aboard the various trendy bandwagons that afflict education from time to time, NILD has held to and expanded on their effective, and research-based approach. I most heartily recommend this organization for your favorable attention.


Jane M. Healy, Ph.D. , Author of Endangered Minds, Failure to Connect, Your Child’s Growing Mind.

NILD is …a dedicated group of highly trained educational therapists who recognize the learning potential of every child. With compassion and competence, they provide explicit, differentiated instruction to address and resolve each child’s unique learning challenges.

Nancy Mather, Ph.D. Professor of Learning Disabilities at University of Arizona, Co-author, Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Achievement

Did you know that 1 in 10 children struggle with a learning disability?

Statistic from LDAC (

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