We believe in helping all of our students thrive! Our purpose is to provide great support through Educational Therapy, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, and other foundational programs that develop the roots of learning.  We will work with you to make an individualized program for each student. 

Our main location is in Huntsville and we are also serving the Parry Sound area.

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NILD Educational Therapy

This intensive therapy program is for children, teens or adults. Sessions are 80 minutes in length with a frequency of two times per week. The sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason and process information. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling and math and applying reasoning skills within each area. Read more about NILD Educational Therapy on NILD Canada’s website

Search & Teach

Search and Teach is an early identification and intervention program for 5 and 6 year olds.  This program is two-fold: it helps identify potential learning difficulties and then sets up an intervention program to address those issues.

SEARCH is a test which helps identify possible learning difficulties and weaknesses in neuropsychological skills basic to reading and language arts programs.  

TEACH is a program based on the results of the Search test. It uses instructional methods to develop a child academically to succeed in reading and language arts programs. Teach aims to improve: visual, visual-motor, auditory, body-image, and intermodal skills. It is done in an atmosphere of fun, with the child seeing the tasks as games. Teach sessions are 45-60 minutes twice per week and address the individual needs of each student as revealed in the Search scan.  

Through Search and Teach, children gain confidence and experience learning success, opening the door to a bright future!

Together they are a powerful pair!

Rx 4 Math and Rx for Reading

Rx 4 Math is intended for individuals or groups of students in grades K-5 who would benefit from early intervention or whose basic math skills are below expected standards. It will build and strengthen:

  • number sense
  • math fluency
  • math vocabulary
  • problem solving strategies

Students will be challenged to apply their growing understanding of number sense to problem solving activities.  Students’ foundational math concepts will be strengthened while their thinking and problem solving skills will be challenged, all within an atmosphere where math anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximized.

Rx for Reading is designed to provide reading intervention in a group or individual setting for students in grades K-5.

It takes the five essential components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension into a language brain that is comprehensive, constructive, and creative.  A program is designed to effectively and efficiently develop decoding and encoding skills as well as comprehension.




Primitive reflexes are innate, natural movements that are stimulated by the senses in utero, during birth or within the first months after birth.  As the baby develops and continuously stimulates the reflex response, the repetition leads to the inhibition and integration of these reflexes.  This progression leads to the baby having control over the movements of their body. Without the integration of these reflexes, the maturation of the brain is less efficient. Insufficient stimulation from the senses, which are necessary, prevent the development of the brain’s interconnectedness and ability to function properly.   

Many times, the roots of challenges with speech, vision, attention, reading, and writing, are found in unintegrated primitive reflexes.  Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training provides a means of maturing these unintegrated primitive reflexes, and improving muscle tone.  They stimulate the brain stem, cerebellum and neo cortex.  These movements support brain maturation, and integrate our natural reflexes.  They make it easier for our brains to send and receive messages.  This not only can impact our struggling learner, it can help all of us!

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Why Enrol Your Child in Educational Therapy…

  •  We are committed to supporting your child each step of the way. We understand that we have all experienced failure and struggles along the way. We are here to be their cheerleader!
  •  We are committed to keeping you informed on your child’s progress and offering support to you, the parent.
  •  Our hours are flexible. We will do our best to accommodate you and your child’s schedule. Please remember that our therapy is truly a ‘therapy’ and thus will be tiring for your child. It would be ideal if your child could enroll during school hours.
  •  And most importantly, our goal is to promote development of confidence and competence in your child. It’s a continuum – as confidence builds, competence follows…as confidence increases, competence builds.

The result? Your child is on the road to success!

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